Nicola Fitzgerald

Nicola Fitzgerald



    Nicola Fitzgerald was born in South Africa and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1994. She received degrees in Criminology and Psychology from Simon Fraser University and in 2005 moved to California to study law. In 2008 she obtained her Juris Doctor and passed the California Bar on her first attempt.

    In 2008, Nicola Fitzgerald attained a position as an in-house counsel for a local Corporation. Since then she has worked as an associate counsel in local law firms where she learned the areas of law she practices today. Nicola Fitzgerald now owns her own law firm and works on the Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Conflict Panel.

    Nicola Fitzgerald has never been disciplined for professional misconduct.

    With many cases won in criminal defense she is now one of the most sought after lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga


    Law School:
    University of La Verne, College of Law
    Simon Fraser University in 2001 Degrees in Criminology and Psychology

    Law skills

    Criminal Law
    Business Law
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