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Professional and Experienced Law Firm

Professional and Experienced Law Firm

We are widely acknowledged for our multi-faceted work in the areas of Criminal Defense and Family Law.

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Are you looking for experienced and professional representation for a criminal or family law case? Look no further than Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C..
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The Attorneys at Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C. stand apart from other firms for there unique emphasis on client-attorney interactions.
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We aggressively advocate on our clients behalf, working to bring their legal issues to a close as efficiently as possible. We want you to be comfortable with the legal process, secured in the fact that you have someone who is fully committed to looking out for your best interests.

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    I had two misdemeanor tickets which Nicola took care of for me. She was always able to answer my questions and was very responsive. He worked diligently for me and got both my tickets reduced. I recommend him very much.
    Benjamin Henderson

    Benjamin Henderson

    Businessman, CA
    I have used Nicola's vast knowledge and connections in the Upland area twice now. Each time Nicola has produced results that have exceeded my expectations. Nicola 's unique combination of being so down to earth and professional at the same time has produced a great relationship between us. Nicola not only kept me informed throughout the legal process but continues to follow up showing how much she cares about her clients.
    Joyce Herrera

    Joyce Herrera

    Nicola is a first rate attorney. She is a daily figure in the court house and knows every prosecutor by first name. We had a large cocaine case (30 kilos) that we were defending together and she was very adept at knowing the law and court system. Our clients ended up receiving probation and some local jail time.

    What I've learned for working with her is that she is very dedicated to getting the best results for her clients and is straight forward with no hesitation for what she needs to do.
    William K.

    William K.

    Manhattan, NY
    I thought my future was destroyed before I met Nicola Fitzgerald, she is the most trustworthy attorney that I have ever dealt with. Nicola really cares about her clients and will work very hard to do the best for them no matter how long it takes, she does not rush anything and will make sure her clients are satisfied. I feel extremely lucky to have chosen Nicola as my attorney because she changed my life! She managed to get my case DISMISSED!!! She was always professional and responsive when I had questions and never ignored me. I called many other attorneys before I chose Nicola, she was the smartest, most empathetic and knowledgeable one. She always made time to call or text me back even when she was busy and took my case very seriously. Dealing with a criminal case is very stressful and Nicola was the only lawyer that put me at ease. I thank God every day that I was able to meet Nicola. I finally feel like I can live my life with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Nicola is a wonderful person and takes her job very seriously there are no words that can describe how great she is. If you choose Nicola to handle any of your legal matters you will not be disappointed!
    Anonymous review

    Anonymous review

    Anonymous review

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