Domestic Partnerships

Domestic partnership in California

California law surrounding same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships and other GLBT issues has been in a constant state of change in recent years. Same-sex couples who were legally married have a different set of legal rules to work under compared to those who are registered as domestic partners.

Same-sex couples face many of the same challenges other couples do. When registered partners decide to dissolve their relationship, issues like child and partner support, custody and visitation, property division, health care, tax and insurance issues all need to be addressed. It is important that you have an experienced San Francisco domestic partnership lawyer by your side from the start.

The Experience to Help You Resolve Any Domestic Partnership Matter

At the Law Offices of Nicola Fitzgerald, we represent clients in a wide variety of same-sex family law issues. We have stayed abreast of the ongoing changes in the law, and can help you understand your legal options no matter what type of issue you may be facing. Whether you are seeking a divorce or need help registering or dissolving a domestic partnership, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you resolve the matter efficiently and professionally.

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